Once you know who you are, you don't have to worry anymore." Nikki Giovanni


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Than The Next Person

Death, Lost love, Anxiety, Sadness, Arguments, Family disputes etc. All Lead Towards Bad vibes (#sidenote: This wind outside is treacherous!) This Year has had folks turn toward the choke holds of death! Suicide has entered many ppls lives..Shoot its hit my mental plenty of times! If You Haven't thought this once or twice...Then U are def Superb! Everything in your life must be excellent! Cause a real humane person has had overwhelming feeling of why should I (U) continue On? As A friend once told Me "You Are Here because it "IS Written". You&I have purpose to fulfill in this God Given earth. The Love you pour out to another,the extended helping hand, the unexpected hug etc. All signs of u making a difference in anothers life. You Never know jus by a person gettin a call or text from U changes their whole aspect of their world that day or hour...Make a difference Hold Ya head high smile and Laugh...Life is scared and Precious......Stay Flyy Be bless Yall

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