Once you know who you are, you don't have to worry anymore." Nikki Giovanni


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Single Sexy and Free?

Idk...now that I'm single(as of this month) again I feel different like I'm released to the Big Bad world and have to fend for my own lol...I mean I have become so use to being w/ a man its odd to have someone holla at me or want my # cause I usually don't respond or even cared to...I miss *HIM* but I gotta realize perhaps there's someone betta out there for me...perhaps I should consider that I have options now :) Ladies how do you feel bout being Single? I'm ready to mingle I'm ready to b adventurous however w/diseases flyin and cheating on the rise is it worth engaging a good lookin man just for a one night stand? Or two? Lol Just Thinkin..who knows what to expect this summer lol...I'll keep yall updated :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is His Toupee too Tight! "Donald Trump Runnin For Presidency​?"

He yells "You're Fired, Your Hired" on the evening show "The Apprentice" But By day he is a man who runs a Billion Dollar business all under his name "Trump". I'm sitting here like is he serious about this ridiculous bid for "US Office" ? Its Sad if people consider him even slightly. Donald Trump isn't built for politics ..he's pure entertainment. Lately in the News He's made allegations that President(and I mean that highly regarded President Obama is not an American citizen. That Obama's politics are questionable!? That our President doesn't know what he's doing. Oh Pish Tosh! I'm so over him and to think just the other day I was reading his book "Think like a Millionare" smh ugh!!! Smh

Monday, April 4, 2011

So You Say U Aint Gay huh?"Anoth​er "Star" Is Out The Closet"


These Last And Evil Days...It feels Like Present Day Sodom&Gommorrah. Upon Yesterday a certain Popular Dj known as "Dj Mister Cee" was Caught receiving oral sex from a 20 year old Male prostitute. When I say my jaw dropped I mean it dropped! This Is The DJ that is known for callin out folks on the dance floor, screaming obscenities on the turntables and callin females/males out on "homo" acts. I mean like really there are just too many "DL brothers" In the Industry. Remember back in the day "Superhead" called out Big Tigger for being gay and there have been rumors on Busta Rhymes being on The DL as well along w/Jay-Z, P-Diddy and countless others oh Yes Lest we not forget bout the infamous "fatherly/son kiss between Lil Wayne and Birdman. Smh This Is Sad especially in the Black Community. Women esp Black&Latino Women deal w/the constant high rate of AIDS/HIV. I wanna Cry Out WTH! Is Wrong With Our Men! I Can't take the sick mental mind frame these guys have. I was told of it being a macho/Roman kind of thang. Basically meaning A Man making so much money and so powerful that even whom they have sex with doesn't matter whether they female or male. Isn't that disgusting. How can u lay w/a man and then have the audacity to go lay up w/the woman u are married to! Like and have sex w/her w/an honest persona of yaself! Smh Just Sickening. This News On Mister Cee will be clarified soon I bet caus this Is the same guy who disrespects the death of Tupac all the time at parties even in death. This is a DJ who is "soo against Gays". Yet You gettin Oral sex from a man and its a young man at that. Many young male/female Prostitutes are "runaways", or have been molested/raped in their past leading then up to the life of the streets. This Is Sad Just So Upset behind all Of this. So We shall see how he get outta this one smh...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Runnin da city maze


Upon tonight I grace the NYC atmosphere as the chic&nubian beauty I AM. *smiles* I strutted my "bootay" from the apartment to the cab from the cab to another car and off to the city I went!...1st on agenda I hit NYC's "Amnesia" for Rick Ross's Afterparty only to be disappointed by "maoddd Police!" And longlines *sigh* So...I make my way to "Perfections" which from I'm aware of is a strip club/lounge...well let me tell you b/c "YoungMoney" was in the building there do you not know the owner was talkin bout a 100 dollars! To get in!!! And 50 dollars to skip the line! Like Seriously!!!! They are "Youngmoney" for a reason! Lol like They are young and get paid daily! Lol Us Hard working folks aint rollin deep like dem in cash! Lol I was lik yea uhmm my two kids cld get clothes food and then some w/the amount folks were willing to pay to get into "Perfections" just to party w/YoungMoney..smh My night ended up sexless and partyless..but Hey I still looked cute! Owwww!

SOB's Wednesday Showcase

Something Bout Live Bands that always steals my heart right away
Lol...Upon a lovely Wednesday in March I attended open mic night at the wonderful S.O.B's(off Houston) in NYC, Hosted by the awesome voice of Mr. Eric Roberson(twitter.com/@IAmEricRoberson). All in all of Course I attended in Support of the wonderful and Talented (twitter.com/@theElektrikKidd) aka Troy Durden original member of contemporary gospel group "Bobby Perry&R.A.I.N" all the way from Boston, MA..Holla! I entered to dim lights...low chatter amongst many congregated groups of young ears awaiting the phenomenon of the night. I made my way to my group of Bostonians(s/o2 Keeda&Tiff) and fellow Bandmembers. I get excited by seeing familiar friendly faces don't you? Lol Anyhoot with in no time the lights fade and the stage illuminates the lights. A Sultry manly voice blesses the microphone....the one and only Eric Roberson swoons ladies to the front of the stage...(Singing)freestyling by anything he saw..only ya imagination was his playground *wink wink* My My Eric could sing a sista outta her panties.....*whew!* he messes with me but for a second calling out "You woman in the sheer white blouse" my face blushes in embarrassment... for who likes to be called out unknowingly amongst peers to whom u may not have wanted to be known lol...I admit I liked it lol. Various Acts gave good stage presence but nothing was like Troy's...not only did he do his own thang he also did tribute to Prince and his own rendition of not 1 but 2 "Bad Boy" songs "Benjamins"& "I'm Coming Home" along w/the lovely back up singers Sharla,Coco&Cessy... Coco aka(@cocobread) tore that stage up and had males across the room jar drop! When she did lil Kims verse on "All bout the Benjamins" whoa! I was even rooting for her ....I'm ending this out with Folks Get out and go see live entertainment its worth every Penny!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BET's Rip The Runway Viewing Party

Upon Last Night I attended Rip The Runway Viewing Party Hosted By LirisC.(The Best Man) held At Katra Lounge in the Bowery section of NYC. Knots Grew In My tummy and smiling cheeks rose on my face lol I was full of anxiety lol. I'm a mom by day but a roamin PR by night lol. It was Live Music boomin from the lounge as I arrived, you had to have ya name on the list(Shoutout to the owner) My name was questionable but due to me havin the lovely Irish lastname "Campbell" the owner whose Irish pushed me past security lol he admired me for the rest of the evening lol. I entered the land of Fashion, Models,photographers, PR's, executives singers&actors. Can You Say Welcome to The "Industry Land" Beautiful Women roam the place lookin like Nubian Goddess..though there was much "flamboyance" in the room if you know what I mean*winks* The Dj was spinnin the hits(forgot his name sadface) The Bartenders were speedy gonzales lol and the VIP section(which is were I was) was Packed! OMG I mean really I wanted to scream! Make Room! Lol. Such "VIP" folks in the crowd were Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis, ChokenoJoke(Rocafella video doc.)America' Next Top Model cycle 4 Keenyah Hill and on the low BET's executive producer of Rip The Runway...(Shh no name), LaureLuxe of PNCRADIO.FM and many more... Also Big Shout to "Tonnie's Minis" for his delicious Cupcakes(264 Lennox Ave) and keepin me company for a second. After two shots of tequila and champagne I def was ready to call it a night but I got up and worked the room some more bumpin into models like Jeremy(caucasian model on the show) towering over my short self lol..Rip The Runway was a great show somewhat.. some of the singers weren't all that(Keri Hilson lol) I just don't feel she's a great live performer. Party was a great turn out....mental note Coat check gurls are great for encouraging words :) thanks...more to come later