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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hardest Workin' MC outta The Carolinas


It Started off with a mere snippet of "Hey Shawty" and consistently pressing rewind(lol) that I finally said to myself I Must meet the voice behind the music. So, after many text messages, emails, making/missing dates, phone calls and BBM... I finally get hold of the busiest man in the Southern Region. Who You May Ask that I speak of? Why none other than North Caks own very own Derty Den!: BRM top 50 list artist, NCUMA lyricist of the year, CMA male artist of the year back to back years, UMA Best southern rapper, currently nominated Best Male artist and Best single at the SMES.....aka The hottest and hardest working MC of The Cak...I received the pleasure of meeting w/the 6'3 artist and his confidante Ace for a vivid interview at Ruby Tuesdays In Times Square, NYC. Den also known for infamous sayin "Everybody Workin" (Working in unity) had us laughing constantly as the waiter directed us to our table. As we were seated, we also had tha honor of Stall&Dean and Rucker's Director of Marketing Rikers dropping off clothes to Den and Dj Webstar (known for songs "Chicken Noodle Soup and Dancing on Me")stop by our table for greetings. Ladies/Gents it was a starstudded afternoon*giggles* Gotta Luv NYC...but anyhoot back to the man of the hour..."Derty Den". The man who is constantly thinking of innovative ways to let the Cak b heard sat in my presence and gave me a piece of his knowledge on who he was and why he isn't going anywhere but to the TOP of the Music Game!

Who is Derty Den nowadays?
Den: I'm that humble, thuggish, confident, hardworker, fun loving kinda dude! I'm an Artist.

Den has many hits like my ultimate favorite "Hey Shawty" for all my Ladies especially those who are short like me! Lol..."Stunnin" which you can catch the video on youtube ft. Shelly B and "All I Need" just to name a few. Derty Den stays on top of his game w/many mixtapes in circulation...Popular ones like: "A Legend in the Makin" by Dj Skillz(S.Carolina) "Heatwave" by Dj Don Canon(infamously know for wrkin w/Jezzy on The Recession) and "Carolina Aint Enough" by Dj Ike Gda....All music is available on iTunes and www.DertyDen.com Check em out folks...

Would You Say You Have Haters? People say J.Cole is your rivalry musically wise b/c you both hail from the same state...How You Feel bout that?
Den: Well I love all My haters!(Laughs) They motivate me even more! As for the other thing...I run dat town! And dats all I got to say on dat!(Laughs) Ya Heard!!

What folks may not know bout Derty Den?
Den: I'm a radio DJ as well. Folks can catch me on Soul 92.1 the ppl station live in the Den w/Derty Den! We speak on all topics/music!(HipHop)...I play artist that other Djs are afraid to play...there are some Djs who are afraid to play outside the box of the music world...I don't play what everybody plays...I give other artist a chance to be heard especially in the Cak(North Carolina)...I'm also a writer. I've written music for other artist as well.
So people you've heard here ya'll just might have sung a song or two and it may have been Dens lyrics #POW! *giggles*

Den is Multi-Talented! I have to admit I felt cool kickin it w/Den. He is a genuine dude and indeed humble but very Confident. Den admitted though had we had this interview in an environment of loud music, smoking and lots of ppl he said he wld of declined my offer. Den likes the fact the interview was held in what he calls an "uncomfortable" element which makes him stay focus. ShoutOut2 Ruby Tuesdays!

What was one moment out of all your shows that just made you say WTF(what the fuck)?
Den: (Laughs) that would be all of them! Lol, Shit! I've seen alotta crazy things folks done did backstage and front! But uhmm(Pauses) there was this one show back home where my whole fam came out deep and turnt that Shit out! I was like I didn't think it was gonna pop off like dat yea dat was a great night for me for real!(Smiles)

Lilmiss: Cool no doubt
Is there anything else you'd like the folks to know? DertyDen: Lookout for "Tony Soprano" the mixtape, hit me up on twitter @DertyDen, www.ReverbNation.com/DertyDen, Facebook. Vote Derty Den at www.SmesMusicsummit.com, Best Male artist, "Stuntin" best record, "Manifest" Best Producer and "Gettin it together" best label, as well and as always "Everybody Workin"..haha

This was an awesome experience. I have to say Den had me rollin With laughter. Shoutout2 Derty, Rikers, Loose and Ace.

Aight Folks this Is LilMiss! Support the Homie www.DertyDen.com

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  1. I had a chance to meet this guy at santos recently at a showcase....Hes definately Going Places.."EveryBody Workin!!"