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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So You Say U love Women huh? (HipHop)

Music speaks of women so harshly its disgusting. Bitch Hoe Slut etc. It makes me wonder if its true that most of the men in the Hiphop/R&B world are actually on the low homosexuals. Perhaps I maybe right since a lot dickriding of certain stars are always *dickriding* other stars. For example Negroes get on stage and be having huge group of ppl w/them all dudes..uhmm I think to myself what are u doing to be close to the main attraction aka the Artist..and why an Artist need all them dudes for? My mind maybe thinking this and yall may think I'm crazy for sayin such but don't act like yall haven't had the same notion running thru ya thoughts...dat *ON The Low* been getting a lot of Negroes caught. A lot of undercover homosexuality is going on in the *INDUSTRY* HipHop that is...Fashion its worn proudly but...the saying is to each their own...yet its thrown in ppls faces all the time the marriages the tv shows..I honestly don't want my child coming up to me asking why two men/women kissing on the lips....shouldn't no child see that...but like I was saying If Artist "Male" mostly love women so much why do you all degrade them in many of ur songs..but I'm guilty as well I enjoy those songs the radio plays em so much that tha songs I hate become the songs I sing the most. I'm telling Yall the Radio is the DEVIL! Lol but seriously though lol...And this is my take on the Matter...Peace!

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