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Monday, September 13, 2010

Stoopid! Religious Folk!

I'm having a Moment where I'm just sitting back lookin at the news on the events round the world...and currently watching Oscar winning movie"HurtLocker" which only has 1 Black Cast member...lol and lickin my spoon clean of this delicious icecream *yummy* but that's besides the point...It makes me have no respect for those who say they hear from a higher Power and they do things that are *STUPID*!!! Like the *suicide bombers*who say they do what they do in the name of Allah...uhm IDIOT! Why would u kill yourself possible innocent bystanders women children etc. In your own country and of your own Kind and got the nerve to say in the Name of Allah!? Seriously? U sound Stoopid!!! Or The Preacher who wanted to Host a burning of the Quran...yet You're suppose to be the Christian..and Last I recall Jesus loved everyone even those who did not believe He was the Messiah..mind you them Jews still lookin for the Messiah to rise...drive by Cambria Heights in Queens they have the light shining on his Grave smh mind you they just as prejudice as they wanna be smh This is Why I have No Religion..I have faith...and Love..and believe there is a God whose name is the Almighty....smh I just find folk who follow "religion" a bit redundant full of BULLShit! Cause...In The end I feel ya'll using religion as justification for what ya'll desire to do...On The real Stop Being Stoopid! And Be real and say what you really wanna say and stop using Religion as a scapegoat...PEACE!

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