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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UpComing Details of 2010

It Has Come to the end of Sept. And Now Mid-Oct....Crazy how Time Is Flying this year the Time jus goes Faster and Faster...Its Been awhile since I wrote...But I see there's much to Cover. There Have been scandals,politics and issues that have come forth this year...I will Go Into To Detail real Soon..Much Covering the variety of things like:Bishop Eddie Long scandal, The Location Of the Mosque to be built near Twin Towers Memorial(NY) And The recent Mass Murder On Woolson St in Mattapan,MA...others are relevant too however these three stickout most to me. I don't watch the News Cause of the depressing headlines and the inaccurate weather (lol) But I'm aware of things due to gossip at wrk and the internet. Also Other things to spark Interesting sites ole & new:



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