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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Recording Artist Jimmy Marsh


On my way to the green room *taps chin*(uhmm, why do they call it the "green room" if it isn’t green??) lol... Bumped into *I AM HANDSOME BOY* creator/designer Dunstan DuBiQue.... Real cool dude chatted it up for a few, He’s a joker too. lol… Once inside, the green room has a buffet of Italian food on display and lots of H2O available. Lingering in the room are a makeup artist, musicians with my interview for the night, artist *JMarsh*. Ladies! JMarsh is definitely a sharp dresser owww! brutha was lookin fresh! *brushes off shoulder* lol…
I got to speak with Donnie D Productions’ (DDP) own recording artist JMarsh on several aspects of his life as an artist in the*Industry*. Here’s how it went down ppl!:

lilmiss: What name do u go by or would like to be called: Jimmy Marsh or JMarsh?

JMarsh: *deep voice* JMarsh

lilmiss: So from what I see you’re a big come up out the streets of Boston...

JMarsh: Yea, been in the game for years, bout 20... Grew up here in Boston been in the street life ya know?... signed...seen a lot... Currently doing shows w/Donnie Wahlberg.... Actually have a show in NY in a couple of weeks... Donnie and I grew up together so we go way back.

lilmiss: I've never seen so much support for an artist like I've seen for you... Well, especially in Boston. I mean you have a great support ridin’ for you...

JMarsh: (Pause) *Blankstare* laughs>>> Well, what you see out there is just a small portion of true support for what I do. I wish I could say that Boston is totally supportive but there's a small bracket... You know everyone has their haters... lol

lilmiss: lol true... so am I the one lookin’ from the outside/in??

JMarsh: *LOL* Well, it’s sad to say but there is a select few who really want to see you shine out here (Boston) Nah! Don’t get me wrong. Boston supports their own... but you know - as said before a select few really wanna see you shine out here.

lilmiss: Well, as I've seen... you have a strong team behind you... regardless.

JMarsh: *points to brothers on couch* yea definitely… Gotta keep a strong foundation in this "industry" (music) and they been with me through it all.

lilmiss: I def respect that...totally agree… Well, I look forward to seein’ ya out there on that stage tonight.... It was a pleasure, JMarsh.

JMarsh: Def *shakes hands* def appreciate the support.
Follow JMARSH ON TWITTER: @jimmymarsh617... and @jimmymarshmusic

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