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Monday, January 10, 2011


You Carry for 9months...You struggle w/constant runs to the bathroom,urges to eat,contractions(false) and doctors visits....As result a beautiful child is born...yet the Man who produce their seed is no where to be found and they didn't bear nothing but the sexual experience. So My question is"What could possibly be making it so Hard for The Man to help raise this/their chile?" U as a man didn't do nothing! Didn't carry not near a darn body or deal w/constant prodded or picked or felt doctor visits...but the mere sight of a child or thought of the unborn makes u run? Makes U absent? I feel the pain and cry the tears many single mothers feel...Some men shouldn't even be blessed w/a dick! A dick that can help produce a child in this world. How can u carry on life and know u have a child somewhere...look in the mirror and not feel an ouch of ridicule/guilt? Shaking my Head at all who are in this catergory.

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