Once you know who you are, you don't have to worry anymore." Nikki Giovanni


Monday, January 10, 2011

Laugh at Self

Lately in these lovely NYC streets I've dealt with the constant stares of many different females/males...I'm starting to think people have "looking" problems lol. Upon today a female swore I was staring in her mouf! I yelled back Puhleeze! She look like a donkey w/buckteeth! Lol..God gave us eyes to look....of Course u gonna stare at folks, places, &things. Like how do you sound as a person smh. I laughed and moved along. Then funny....a dude was blocking the door to get out the Dunkin Donuts so I pushed him&the door...He said "Dayuum Mah U jus pushin a brutha!" I said "Yup" and as I proceeded to walk out I trip on the sidewalk! LMBO! What happens next dude runs out the shop and yells "See mah I woulda caught u if u fell...But See God Don't like ugly!" LMBO smh...I was embrassed I had to laugh at myself!...Mind You u continued to look at my ass as I hurried to the train station.

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