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Monday, April 11, 2011

Is His Toupee too Tight! "Donald Trump Runnin For Presidency​?"

He yells "You're Fired, Your Hired" on the evening show "The Apprentice" But By day he is a man who runs a Billion Dollar business all under his name "Trump". I'm sitting here like is he serious about this ridiculous bid for "US Office" ? Its Sad if people consider him even slightly. Donald Trump isn't built for politics ..he's pure entertainment. Lately in the News He's made allegations that President(and I mean that highly regarded President Obama is not an American citizen. That Obama's politics are questionable!? That our President doesn't know what he's doing. Oh Pish Tosh! I'm so over him and to think just the other day I was reading his book "Think like a Millionare" smh ugh!!! Smh

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