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Monday, April 4, 2011

So You Say U Aint Gay huh?"Anoth​er "Star" Is Out The Closet"


These Last And Evil Days...It feels Like Present Day Sodom&Gommorrah. Upon Yesterday a certain Popular Dj known as "Dj Mister Cee" was Caught receiving oral sex from a 20 year old Male prostitute. When I say my jaw dropped I mean it dropped! This Is The DJ that is known for callin out folks on the dance floor, screaming obscenities on the turntables and callin females/males out on "homo" acts. I mean like really there are just too many "DL brothers" In the Industry. Remember back in the day "Superhead" called out Big Tigger for being gay and there have been rumors on Busta Rhymes being on The DL as well along w/Jay-Z, P-Diddy and countless others oh Yes Lest we not forget bout the infamous "fatherly/son kiss between Lil Wayne and Birdman. Smh This Is Sad especially in the Black Community. Women esp Black&Latino Women deal w/the constant high rate of AIDS/HIV. I wanna Cry Out WTH! Is Wrong With Our Men! I Can't take the sick mental mind frame these guys have. I was told of it being a macho/Roman kind of thang. Basically meaning A Man making so much money and so powerful that even whom they have sex with doesn't matter whether they female or male. Isn't that disgusting. How can u lay w/a man and then have the audacity to go lay up w/the woman u are married to! Like and have sex w/her w/an honest persona of yaself! Smh Just Sickening. This News On Mister Cee will be clarified soon I bet caus this Is the same guy who disrespects the death of Tupac all the time at parties even in death. This is a DJ who is "soo against Gays". Yet You gettin Oral sex from a man and its a young man at that. Many young male/female Prostitutes are "runaways", or have been molested/raped in their past leading then up to the life of the streets. This Is Sad Just So Upset behind all Of this. So We shall see how he get outta this one smh...

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