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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Single Sexy and Free?

Idk...now that I'm single(as of this month) again I feel different like I'm released to the Big Bad world and have to fend for my own lol...I mean I have become so use to being w/ a man its odd to have someone holla at me or want my # cause I usually don't respond or even cared to...I miss *HIM* but I gotta realize perhaps there's someone betta out there for me...perhaps I should consider that I have options now :) Ladies how do you feel bout being Single? I'm ready to mingle I'm ready to b adventurous however w/diseases flyin and cheating on the rise is it worth engaging a good lookin man just for a one night stand? Or two? Lol Just Thinkin..who knows what to expect this summer lol...I'll keep yall updated :)

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