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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BET's Rip The Runway Viewing Party

Upon Last Night I attended Rip The Runway Viewing Party Hosted By LirisC.(The Best Man) held At Katra Lounge in the Bowery section of NYC. Knots Grew In My tummy and smiling cheeks rose on my face lol I was full of anxiety lol. I'm a mom by day but a roamin PR by night lol. It was Live Music boomin from the lounge as I arrived, you had to have ya name on the list(Shoutout to the owner) My name was questionable but due to me havin the lovely Irish lastname "Campbell" the owner whose Irish pushed me past security lol he admired me for the rest of the evening lol. I entered the land of Fashion, Models,photographers, PR's, executives singers&actors. Can You Say Welcome to The "Industry Land" Beautiful Women roam the place lookin like Nubian Goddess..though there was much "flamboyance" in the room if you know what I mean*winks* The Dj was spinnin the hits(forgot his name sadface) The Bartenders were speedy gonzales lol and the VIP section(which is were I was) was Packed! OMG I mean really I wanted to scream! Make Room! Lol. Such "VIP" folks in the crowd were Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis, ChokenoJoke(Rocafella video doc.)America' Next Top Model cycle 4 Keenyah Hill and on the low BET's executive producer of Rip The Runway...(Shh no name), LaureLuxe of PNCRADIO.FM and many more... Also Big Shout to "Tonnie's Minis" for his delicious Cupcakes(264 Lennox Ave) and keepin me company for a second. After two shots of tequila and champagne I def was ready to call it a night but I got up and worked the room some more bumpin into models like Jeremy(caucasian model on the show) towering over my short self lol..Rip The Runway was a great show somewhat.. some of the singers weren't all that(Keri Hilson lol) I just don't feel she's a great live performer. Party was a great turn out....mental note Coat check gurls are great for encouraging words :) thanks...more to come later

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