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Monday, March 14, 2011

Pressures vs. Common Sense

Currently watching Queen Latifah interview on TVOne w/Cathy Hughes, and I admire her intellect. She has stated a lot of issues/situations that are sadly true bout Black People and our young people. I personally am raising two children on my own,by choice yes...would I have had it that way nope!I have a girl&boy who will be in this world nowadays that truly show their values where as it regards "Black Youth". It is Horrible that many young women&men are more interested in sex&fashion than knowing what's the square root of 69....but will joke around and say "Hey u wanna do a "69"(sexual position) I wanna scream "Wake UPPPPP!" Just like Lawrence Fishburne did in Spike Lee's "School Daze" Just the other day on the bus I watched a young boy wine his hips in front of this girls face and openly ask her to suck his dick! I was pissed and embrassed for her. Situations like that anger me and frightened me like that cause "what about the children" as Yolanda Adams sings in her song..yes! What about them..we as parents have to focus soo much more on them. Yes We are tired after coming in from a 9-5pm but that doesn't mean we just leave our children to the wayside. People Wake Up from me on down Wake Up..Sex, Parties and Fashion will always be around but our Black Youth can't continue to go to Jail, be arrested or worst... We gotta do better...its just SaD!

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