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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gotta Have It...U know that Long throbbin...

I've got a Confession!!! I'm extremely Horny!!!!! Like seriously!! Its 11mths and counting!!! Now they say Men think bout sex all the time...well I must b a guy for these 11mths cause sista gurl needs a miracle a savior a TOUCH!! Sex is wonderful OMG its soo Needed smh I've been good though...very very good...I'm holding out till my imaginary balls drop off lol...To be wet and having that ticklish sensation going thru your body 24/7 is unbelievable...celibacy is gr8 for those who are taking that oath...but when u aren't that one doing it...oh my it feels like ya gonna BUST WIDE OPEN!!!! Ladies/Gents let's b honest...it feels Sooo Good To Exhale!!! Especially after a good wait not good not great but AWESOME NUT! Or Orgasm as we Ladies refer to...If U gettin some *High five* to You...if Not....I feel your pain!! Smh....here's a Picture just for you all :)....

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