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Friday, July 9, 2010

Irrelevant Events: Cause I said So! Lol


Big Announcement!! Lebron Goes to Miami....I'm totally Not Feeling it at all!! Uhmm let's see In NY he coulda been the headliner of the show! Stupid!! Move!!! Smh DWade runs that Team!(HEAT) But it will b a sight to see indeed Dwade Lebron & Bosh vs. KG Allen Pierce *fiddles fingers* I love!!! The Celtics since I can't even root for my Knicks who are the highest paid team in the NBA but can't seem to get a Got Dayuuum! RING! Smh In others news....Strippers/Mistresses please report to Miami...it is your new breeding ground..lol Lebron brings the freaks out...S/O2 him sticking with his longtime sweetheart and mother to his children...I do hope He doesn't end up Like Shaq! Smh sad situation that one was...so bad Shaqs ex got a pathetic reality show telling all her business smh #Shame...Anyhoot I'm ready for NBA2011 Let The Show Begin!!!

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