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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marzburg Interview


On a beautiful *Blazin* Saturday morning I sat in the infamous *Bello* park...gosh oh how I miss my Springfield Gardens days *wink wink* lol...Cool breezes blew up my orange summer dress as i looked down at my feet and thought to myself dayuum! I need a pedicure! lol yup I said it ppl lol...while I was staring at my feet for what seem like forever I was broken out of my trance by none other than loud noise of a male voice...."Dayuum! Its Hot!" I looked up to see this dude with a shirt drapped over his head, bball shorts on and socks w/flipflps on...I mean dude was straight gutta* with it like I dont give a F*ck mode lol...who is this dude ya'll might ask...none other than up&coming artist Marzburg...you would think there was greetings and such lol nah sit back and watch how it all went down:

lilmiss: *gettin ready to write* so>>>wats poppin?
*fidgedy on the top ledge of the bench bruthaman didnt even notice I was already in interview mode lol*

Marzburg: Everything!

lilmiss: yo Marz im ready! silly>>>smh lol

Marzburg: oh well I didnt know u aint say nothing lol*laughter* aight lets go!

lilmiss: Mixtape iS doing real well*No Mercy On Em*...

Marzburg:Yup! March 16 2010 it made its debut...2000 downloads the 1st day

lilmiss: thats a good look indeed

Marzburg: Yes def! People can check my music out on the following sites...datcrack.com/datpiff.com/and carolinablew.blog.com for any inquires in refrence to the mixtape contact me via twitter/@Marzburg

lilmiss: When did you start writing music?

Marzburg:Ive been writing since i was 13...didnt become real serious though until "02" before then i was real heavy in the bball world...currently have a publishing deal in the works

lilmiss: ok so you been writing for a *min* so when did you take on rapping..what in your eyes told you that you was ready?

Marzburg: Uhmm*claps hands together* Im not a rapper 1st off...a rapper fabricates their shit! rappin' is talkin bout a whole bunch shit they dont do!...nah i'm not a rapper

lilmiss: ok so what do you consider yourself?

Marzburg:Im an artist Im versatile i do hip hop r&b i step outside the box
la good ex. is Lil Wayne he stays working always have a fresh idea...Thats one of my many goalsw/this music always want to be coming w/new material

lilmiss: What do you desire your music to do for you?

Marzburg: I want to build up my fanbase more than what it already is...want the Majors(music companys exect.) to come to me cause im whats poppin! If you can't start a buzz on your own right now! then what you going to do when you get w/the Majors...Step your game UP!

lilmiss: whats your agenda for 2010?

Marzburg: Want to have 6mixtapes out an album and definitely more traveling gettin my name known on a bigger level

lilmiss:When did you know you was ready?

Marzburg: Uhmm..My recent mixtape told/showed me i was..its been extremely successful

*sidenote* folks my fav off the mixtape *No Mercy On Em* is "Lose It" ft. Lexx9Eleven
(cont)....Im ready for It all! Lets Go!

lilmiss: Is there anything else you'd like the ppl to know?

Marzburg: Yep! lookout for the official 1st video off of the mixtape *No Mercy On Em* lookout for the album its movin! Lots of shows to come I'll keep yall posted and def lookout for me in da South(NC) I'll be reppin for NY IN THE 1ST Annual DJ IKE GDA(Core DJs) Artist vs. DJs BBall tournament in July. Def request me Marzburg on your local radio stations *No Mercy On Em* For bookings hit me up: Marzburgmusic@gmail.com

limiss: well def appreciate the time and it was a pleasure *shakes hands*

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