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Thursday, July 8, 2010

PK aka Preachers Kid A gift or A curse

We get blasted,dismissed,gossiped,abused(mentally verbally secretly) I mean ppl go IN on how and what and who we are as offspring's to Parents in the ministry....We are called Freaks in the bedroom, The baddest in the streets,and disrespectful. We didn't ask to be children of parents in the ministry but since we are...Let Me remind You folks "We aren't Our Parents!!" I've gotta past as I'm sure most PKs do...however I am Me and My Parents are themselves...when it is time to answer before God...they can't speak for me and I can't speak for them...Ppl wonder why half the time why we don't associate ourselves w/church folks...its b/c just like the world is grimy...church folks are 10x worst! They should know better but they don't and they walk w/so much pride its sickening....This matter of being a PK was brought to you live and in color by ME aka Lilmiss aka a Preachers Kid...You Got Something to Say...Say it to My face...You gotta something to Tell on my Parents Speak Up don't hold Ya tongue..Be recognized for your disgust and your gossip...I may not speak for all PKs but I know those who will read it...will somewhat agree indeed...Peace!

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  1. well put, & they also talk cuz they aint got nuttin else 2do.